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Music Craving: Beach House Announce New Album

October 20, 2009

beach house

So Beach House, who I recently saw perform at the NorVa, and in my opinion are the most underrated band on the planet right now (on the whole planet, I assure you!), just announced they are planning to release a follow-up to Devotion which they will call Teen Dream.

The record is planned to be released on January 26, 201o and will feature, obviously, some of the amazing songs they have been performing on their recent tour with Grizzly Bear. The “problem” with Beach House songs has always been their lack of ability to go anywhere great past their beautiful “first gear” melodies. Their new songs, however, seemed to explode right off the stage when I saw them live, going into “second gear” and even “third gear” sometimes (so many stick shift references for someone who knows little of cars and clearly nothing of how to write metaphors past an elementary level).

So I am excited! Best album of the year, maybe. January will certainly be a huge month with Vampire Weekend’s Contra coming out on January 12th. Exciting indeed.

Anyways, here is the track listing for Teen Dream

01 Zebra
02 Silver Soul
03 Norway
04 Walk in the Park
05 Used to Be
06 Lover of Mine
07 Better Times
08 10 Mile Stereo
09 Real Love
10 Take Care

And here is an mp3 from Beach House’s last album Devotion

Gila Beach House (mp3)

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