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Craving Craving: Impressionist Cake

October 15, 2009

van gogh cake

Well I certainly would feel guilty taking a slice out of this masterpiece.

Little known fact, Van Gogh actually started his artistic career by opening a cake bakery. It was named The Cake Shop Around the Corner (his naming skills were sub-par at best) and lasted a few years until it eventually went out of business because a cake superbakery, named Fox Superbakery, opened a few blocks down. The bakery had a pretty devoted following and there was a fair amount of protesting of the cake superbakery down the block, but eventually everyone caved in because the new bakery’s prices just simply could not be beat. At first, Van Gogh was really angry at the man who opened the superbakery, but little did Van Gogh know that the person he had recently been having an email relationship with and was falling in love with was the person who had just opened the superbakery. But he kind of knew. Eventually. And then in the end he knew. And they were in love. Just Van Gogh and his lover, Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks was the guy who opened the superbakery).

As I said, this fact is little known, but allow me to assure you, it is not little true.


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