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Links of the Third Daily Trimester

October 14, 2009

daniel craig photobomb

  • Daniel Craig sports mustache in a photobomb. Picture above, obviously.
  • New Da Vinci painting! The painting is of a sullen girl, which obviously represents the child Jesus and Mary Magdalene had after having premarital sex on top of the “Missing Link” while in the middle of a gay rights rally. Or at least probably.
  • Watch: How to get beat up worse than before! A great instructional video found by Everything is Terrible! Learn such valuable information such as slapping those who are stronger than you is far more effective than a  punch or even running away.
  • Watch: Japanese offer an even more terrible version of Spy TV. Does anyone even remember that show? Even better, does anyone remember that Michael Ian Black (who is the best) was the host of that terrible, terrible show? Well if you do happen to remember, just think of that show plus more snipers and that’s what this video is.
  • Picture: My Neighbor Jerks My Chicken. The thing is, I’m a vegetarian.
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