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Links of the Second Daily Trimester

October 13, 2009

grizzly bear

  • Grizzly Bear play “Two Weeks” on Late Night with Victoria Legrand from Beach House. The sound system is still really off at Conan’s new studio, but still worth a watch.
  • George Lopez will have his own talk show on TBS at 10 pm. Now you can not watch two horrible talk shows at the same time! Cough, Leno, cough.  Via.
  • 7 Sex Tips from Cosmo That Will Put You in the Hospital. Well now you have to try them…
  • Alternative & Lesbian Barbie Art. Because you’ve always wanted to see Ken in leather ass-less chaps being domineered by Barbie. Oh you didn’t want to see that? Then don’t click the link!
  • Roger Ebert is on Twitter! Read for updates such as, “Glenn Beck missed the boat when it sailed toward intellectual maturity, and now he’s rowing furiously in pursuit, waving a pirate flag.” The best. Via.
  • 130 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings. Why not carve the Internet Explorer logo into a pumpkin this year? Via.
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